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Rambler  (Series) (TBD)

60 min   |   English   |  10 Episodes | Action-Thriller

Several major crime syndicates in London have just discovered they've all hired the same hitman to kill one another. A scarred up Cockney punk serial killer, who calls himself Rambler. They put a massive bounty on his head.  The Metropolitan police and Interpol struggle to find Rambler and stop an all out street war from breaking out.

A mix of Hannibal/ Bronson meets The Sapranos meets The Wire

* Trailer is a "pitch tool" and does NOT represent the actors in the TV series. 
RAMBLER "pitch concept" Trailer
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Rambler was originally shot in 2013 as a concept short of one scene. The film went on to win a dozen international film awards including best actor, best director, and best film. It was one of the first films to be shown on the XBOX digital channel. It has since been work shopped at Manhattan Theater Club in NYC and developed into a 10 episode series currently being pitched.

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